Paraffin Hand Treatment

Watch as hands are submerged into a warm wax bath until the form takes on the look of a glove. Then the hands are placed in toweling mitts while you relax in a chair with a mechanical back massager. It's during this stage that your hands really begin to release tension, improving your circulation, easing joint stiffness and leaving your hands silky smooth.

Foot, Calf, and Thigh Massage

The secret to a great massage isn’t how wonderful it feels when you’re getting the massage. Lean back and relax while deep-kneading, rolling Shiatsu massagers in the footbed and behind calves help alleviate tension, improve circulation and stimulate reflexology points on the soles of your feet. Vibration massage further loosens tension and helps muscles recover as 24 air chambers surround your calves and feet, rhythmically expanding and contracting to reproduce the gentle squeezing of a massage therapist. Trust us, you’ll feel absolutely wonderful.

Soothing Back and Shoulder Massage

Our Shiatsu Seat Massager with Heat features powerful Shiatsu and rolling massage nodes that travel the full length of your back to deliver an incredibly soothing massage. A kneading Shiatsu massage with heat reaches deep into the muscles to help relieve tightness and tension, improve circulation, and give you an overall feeling of well being.

Oxygen Therapy

Have you ever found yourself holding your breath, chest tight, tense with anxiety? According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, oxygen therapy can allow people to “function better and be more active. Oxygen therapy can help in various ways. It may help: Decrease shortness of breath and fatigue (tiredness), Improve sleep in some people who have sleep-related breathing disorders, [and] Increase the lifespan of some people who have COPD” (

Chair Massage

Proven over the years to be one of the most effective ways for relieving stress, the chair massage brings relaxation and healing to the entire body. Students and workers alike benefit from decreased anxiety, reduced fatigue and improved concentration, productivity, and energy. Let us put a smile on your face with the ultimate spa experience!

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